Who are we?
Polish Language School specializes in Polish language instruction in a one-on-one setting from certified and experienced teachers. The school provides custom programs for individuals traveling to Poland who need to master Polish in a limited time. Since we focus only on Polish, our authentic materials and resources are current and extensive. Our students experience outstanding language success upon completing our program. For example, 100% of our Foreign Service students pass the language mastery test at the requisite level 3 or higher.

Why choose the Polish Language School?
Unlike most language schools, we provide certified instructors with experience teaching foreign language. For example, our founder is licensed to teach and has an undergraduate degree and graduate coursework in foreign language education.

  • We provide direct service. There is no middle man brokering consultants.
  • We offer one-on-one instruction, which provides flexibility in scheduling and customizing of instruction to meet varied learning styles.
  • Our facilities include classrooms with current technology such as computers, stereos, televisions and mini libraries.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea, and a comfortable area to dine and relax during breaks.

Our Students
Polish Language School offers instruction to a variety of students, particularly State Department employees and other government agencies and institutions. We also offer classes to people who will need to learn Polish for other reasons.

"I spoke directly with the School Director, Ms. Stein, when I called for information. I was impressed that she would also be my instructor. I did not have to worry about a third party trying to find a teacher on a consulting basis. Ms. Steinís teaching certification and education convinced me the Polish Language School was the best choice for me. That choice was reaffirmed after I earned a level 4+ on the FSI test"

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